ANTHEM Dev Discusses Weapons and the PC Port


Currently, details regarding BioWare’s upcoming game Anthem, is scarce, besides that the game will be delayed until 2019. However, Reddit users were in for a treat as BioWare’s tech engineer for Anthem, Brennon Holmes, discussed some aspects of the game in a thread, and talked about the weapons progression in the game and the PC port. 

Although Anthem’s advertising has been primarily targeted for console users, Holmes ensured that the team will put in as much effort on the PC version, just as they do on the game’s console counterparts. BioWare devs are reportedly working around the clock to ensure that Anthem on the PC will be a superb game. Furthermore Holmes said that “let me put it another way then…everyone is constantly developing on the PC platform.” 

In addition Holmes also responded when a fan asked about weapons progression, specifically, if the weapons in Anthem would rely on stats, or if they will level up or improve as the player uses them. 

“One advantage to having a more static model is that it’s a lot easier to entice players into different styles of gameplay,” said Holmes. “You find something new, it’s more powerful than what you have…you’re likely to give it a go! Alternatively, with things that grow in power over time/usage…you tend to get a lot more attached to the items you have. They start to form part of the identity of your character. A lot of it depends on what the progression goals are with a given system. Currently we’re doing both styles (for different areas of progression).” 

Well, it’s definitely a good thing that Holmes was able to clear up some queries of fans, who are eagerly anticipating the release of Anthem. Although, the burning question that is left unanswered at this point is, will the PC version of the game be released at the same time as its console counterparts? 

What are your thoughts on the insights shared by Holmes? What kind of progression system would you like to see in Anthem? Share your thoughts in the comments below.