Apocalyptic Adventure Game ASHES OF OAHU Announce Launch Date

A game that was once known as Nightmarchers years back is finally reaching its launch date. Wyrmbyte has announced that their Hawaiian based apocalyptic adventure game Ashes of Oahu will be launching on August 29th. The wait for this RPG magical shooter title is reaching an end and with a more fitting name seeing as it takes place on the island of Oahu. If you want to jump in the action early, the game is up for pre-order on Steam now and getting it will provide you immediate access to the beta version of the game.

Bringing disorder to locations that are typically known for relaxation and peace seem to be an ongoing interest in the game development world, but it doesn’t make it any less fitting. Fight your way through opposing factions using a mix of your third-person shooting skills and magical powers that allow you to transform into various animals. It isn’t directly shown, but it would be awesome to fight bad guys in Ashes of Oahu while in our animal form!

Either way, fans of action adventure titles and apocalyptic RPG’s can get excited for this one. And the wait won’t even be much longer, especially if you pre-order it. First things first though, check out the latest trailer and see what Wyrmbyte has to offer you later this month.