Apple Arcade Has So Much More Than FROGGER

When Apple first showcased their upcoming Apple Arcade gaming subscription, there were some understandably nervous gamers. One of the main demonstrations was for Frogger In Toy Town, a new iteration of the classic obstacle game, but not exactly boundary-pushing. Maybe not what you would want as a headliner to convince the video game community of Apple Arcade’s appeal.

Since then, however, more games have been announced, including exclusives to Apple’s platform, and things are looking up. Over 100 games will be available for players, and many of them look great. You can play online or offline, on any Apple device, with multiple family members or friends, all for one subscription fee. The tech giant is really trying to invest in games, and it will be interesting to see how Apple Arcade performs on release.

There are puzzle games and action games and narrative-based games, but Apple has truly given developers the freedom to explore. Some of the titles that are coming out look visually-stunning and the stories that they tell dive deep.

Just in case you want to forget about all of that and release your inner kid, though, you can always play Hot Lava and jump over pools of bubbling magma. Whatever works for you.

Apple Arcade goes live September 19th. Play til you drop.

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