Arcade1Up's STAR WARS Arcade Machine Is Now Available For Pre-Order At GameStop!

StarWars_ Angle View Riser_7.8.19.jpg

It doesn’t appear that Arcade1Up is intent to slow down after pre-orders opened yesterday on their limited Marvel Super Heroes cabinet! Today pre-orders have opened up, exclusively at GameStop, for Arcade1Up’s Star Wars cabinet! This Star Wars Cabinet includes all 3 classic Star Wars titles in Arcade1Up’s signature 4 foot build. A riser unit will also be included allowing for the cabinet to hit about 5 feet in height. The unit features artwork from the original cabinet and a light up marquee. Games will be playable on an actual flight yoke just as in their original arcade iterations which is just amazing to see! The Star Wars cabinet will also feature built in speakers and a 17 inch screen.

Out of every Arcade1Up machine released to date this one is probably the one I would want the most. I played all three of the Star Wars arcade machines a ton growing up and loved that they used a real flight yoke. The vector graphics were also so cool to see and still hold a certain charm. Sadly the asking price of $499.99 is a tough pill to swallow putting this release well within enthusiast territory. If this release is something you are interested in be sure to grab one before they are gone!