Are You Prepared For The FORTNITE Meteor Event Today?


Today is the day that we have been impatiently waiting for. It is well known that Fortnite players have been getting strange vibrations in their controllers in various different locations and times. These vibrations were quickly discovered to be Morse code and contained an SOS message concerning Tilted Towers on April 18th.

The full speculation, in short, is the Meteor that appeared in the sky just before the Morse code messages started will strike and destroy Tilted Towers. What the science says, according to The Game Theorists is much different. Check out their breakdown:

Despite all the math in the world, Epic Games are obviously going to make the Meteor have whatever impact they want on the map. Although, it would be hilarious if they just let the Meteor land in Tilted Towers without doing any real damage. That would be the biggest hyped up psych out in gaming history.

While we don't have a confirmed time for the supposed Meteor strike that has been speculated to hit today, my vote says that they will likely just wipe out Tilted Towers and replace it with something like Cavernous Crater. What do you think the Meteor will do to the Fortnite map? Are you excited or scared for impact?