As It Turns Out, MARIO TENNIS ACES Doesn't Let You Play A Regular Game Of Tennis


Yesterday, the upcoming game Mario Tennis Aces was released for the Nintendo Switch and fans of both tennis, and the Mario franchise excitedly purchased the game. Unfortunately, some people were furious as the title doesn’t feature a regular tennis game, which prompted some players to demand a refund. 

In Mario Tennis Aces, besides CPU tournaments, the game only features a shortened version of an actual tennis match. The game still employs the standard scoring for tennis, but not the usual game including set and match rules. A standard match in Mario Tennis Aces implements a best of three to win the game. There are no sets to win just like in real tennis, making a game extremely short and fast-paced. 

Of course, it is understandable that Nintendo did this to shorten matches. However, the frustrating part here is that they did not include a way to change the game’s settings. Players cannot set the number of games that would make up a standard set. All you have to do is to play best of three, which is pretty much it. The lack of variety and the inability to tweak the game’s settings is what made some players furious and demanded a refund. 

A Redditor by the name of MarioKartGuy27 recently aired his complaint on Reddit and his demand to refund the game saying that, “I pushed that the game was not sold as advertised. You can’t call it ‘tennis’ without it being a tennis game. Wouldn’t you be pissed if you bought an NFL football game that only allowed for you to be on offense once or twice before the game was over?”

Although the complaints of some users are reasonably valid, I was not surprised that Mario Tennis Aces turned out the way it did. I mean, yes, its subtitled as a tennis game, but it's still a Mario game, so it is expected that Nintendo will add its own flair to it. I guess Nintendo’s mistake here is not allowing players to tweak the game’s settings to their desired preferences. I mean, if they have done it with previous Mario tennis games, then why not here? Hopefully, rectifies this by releasing a patch. 

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