ASHES OF CREATION Brings Dinosaurs and Dragons

The first part of D&D doesn't stand for "Dungeons" anymore. Ashes of Creation, the new game from Intrepid Studios, is an MMO RPG that will unleash havoc upon the servers. The upcoming title features an open world, but there are no factions separating the players and NPCs. There may not be divisive fractions, but don't worry. Players will encounter plenty of friction and turmoil. Watch the insanity of the trailer, which displays in-game footage from the developers.

The game was supported by gamers as it finished a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign with over $3 million pledged. And look at what that backing has produced. There are mounted riders spurring horses on to battle. There are dinosaurs invading the outskirts of settlements. There are crazy winged creatures carrying people. And there are dragons.

It all seems a little hectic at the moment. Ashes of Creation will face tough competition from existing MMO RPG games and survival games, but it's possible that it will be able to carve a space out in the genre for a receptive audience. We'll see what happens.