ASTRONEER Looks To Fulfill All Your "Matt Damon On Mars" Fantasies

It seems like vast, spectacular, open-world space exploration is the next hot button topic in gaming. I guess we're all itching to claim a little corner of the great unknown for ourselves. Well, one humble indie development team has been working diligently on a different type of space exploration game. System Era is bringing that feeling from The Martian to life with Astroneer. The game pits you against the elements of a procedurally generated planet where you must explore and excavate anything you can to keep yourself alive.

The Seattle based dev-team are working hard to bring this unique experience to life and have no problem admitting how similar their gameplay is to the experience of Ridley Scott's new space-based film. I've posted a couple of their videos from Twitter below, but be sure to give them a follow as this game is still just getting started and promises to be a cool new title!

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