Award Winning Horror Adventure THE INNER FRIEND Announces Console Launch

An adventure horror game made by the indie development team Playmind has been announced to be coming soon to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Inspired by the works of psychologist Carl Jung and the filmography of Stanley Kubrick, The Inner Friend is a third-person psychological horror adventure game that dives deep into the subconscious to unearth gruesome beings materialized from mental anguish.

This game, which will be playing off of childhood fears and emotional themes, has also just recently won an award. Along with seven other winning independent games, The Inner Friend won GDC 2019’sBest in Play’ award! With how many games are considered for these awards, there is no doubt that this game has to have quite the experience. Not to mention its positive review rating on Steam, where it is already currently available.

I personally enjoy games that focus on the materialization of emotions and bringing them out for players to come face to face with them. Putting gamers in a position where they must face the dangers and fears ahead of them, experiencing the metaphor of coping mechanisms used to overcome traumatic experiences. Moving forward is a point that I love to see games and stories drive, because it is true that the only way to climb up from the bottom is to keep driving forward.

There is no launch date for the console launches just yet, but check out the trailer they made for when the launched the game on PC back in August of 2018.