Awesome First Look At SPLATOON 2's Nintendo Switch Bundle And Single Player Campaign

Yesterday Nintendo held a Splatoon 2 and ARMS based Nintendo Direct, and we learned some surprising stuff! The main takeaway is that Splatoon 2 has a single player campaign, and it doesn't appear to suck from the looks of this trailer! While I'm sure a bulk of players will still spend their time in multiplayer battles, it's good to know that Nintendo is putting some more work into the campaign to give a well-rounded experience to those who play it. Check out the trailer and continue on below. 

Also if you're in Europe or Japan July 21st you'll have the chance to buy a Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 bundle, as well as Neon Green and Neon Pink joy-con controllers. Nothing has been said regarding a release of these items in the NA, but given Splatoon's international appeal I would assume we will be getting our own copies as well. Who's excited for all this?! Splatoon 2 launches July 21st.