Awesome Looking New Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game, GOLD EXPRESS, Announced!

A new entry into the world of asymmetrical multiplayer games has been announced with Dawn Studio’s Gold Express! Unlike other asymetrical titles that typically pit players against some sort of creature or super powered murderer, Gold Express has you trying to steal valuable information while avoiding a killer combat robot. The whole thing is set in a cyberpunk style world giving the game some really cool aesthetics!

I am digging the look and feel of the game so far and I feel like the objective of getting in and stealing data and escaping is an interesting objective. The trailer above also showcased a number of the different robots players can be fleeing or playing as. In total 5 players will be in each match with 4 being Escapers and 1 the Predator. If you are interested in joining in on upcoming betas or just want to learn more about the game you can join the official Gold Express Discord server! Gold Express is expected to hit Steam Early Access later this year.

What do you all think of the trailer?