Awesome Musical Romp SAYONARA WILD HEARTS Gets A Release Date!

Sayonara Wild Hearts has finally gotten a solid release date for September 19th and is even getting a surprise release for the PlayStation 4 and Apple Arcade! Sayonara Wild Hearts has players assume the role of “The Fool” and takes them on a pop music journey. Throughout this journey you will need to collect hearts and do battle with the most rhythmic of timing. Each level is accented with a new song written specifically for the game. The soundtrack is even getting a vinyl release thanks to Iam8bit! Iam8bit is also planning a physical release of the game as well.

Simogo’s musical romp was a blast to play back during E3 2019 at the Annapurna Interactive booth and this is a release I have been keeping an eye out for. I am also intrigued about this upcoming physical release. Check out the trailer above and my prior coverage for more about the game! Sayonara Wild Hearts will be available on Switch PS4 and Apple Arcade when it releases September 19th.

Do you plan to pick up Sayonara Wild Hearts?