Bandai Namco's New Game CODE VEIN Is A Mix Of GOD EATER And DARK SOULS

Famitsu magazine has a spread on Bandai Namco's new game they teased last week, and it's likened to a mixture between God Eater and Dark Souls

In Code Vein, players will take control of vampires with supernatural abilities called "Revenants" and with the help of allies and the Vein organization will discover the truths of the world. The game is a dungeon exploring action RPG and seems to rely on a buddy system in which you and a partner can enter a dungeon together. It is unknown whether or not this game offers co-op. 

That's about all we have for now, but it's been said a full trailer for the game should be coming sooner than later and that the release date is scheduled for 2018. Are you excited to play this game?

Source: Siliconera