BATMAN ARKHAM Developer Is Looking For People To Work On A "Highly Anticipated AAA" Title For Next Gen

Rocksteady Studios, the team behind the Batman Arkham series recently posted several job listings looking for new staff that would world on “a highly anticipated upcoming AAA” game. Of course, the listings did not specify exactly on what game applicants are expected to work on, but it is possible that the AAA title, is the next installment to the Batman Arkham franchise. 

The developer has posted 20+ job listings that were uncovered by ResetEra. The studio is apparently looking to hire people of several talents such as coding, scriptwriting, and community management. The upcoming project will be developed for “next-generation platforms,” with the studio striving to earn a 90+ score on Metacritic.

Besides the possibility of a new Batman Arkham game, speculations are also pointing to a possible Superman game. Now, given the fact that the developer is already hiring developers with long-term contracts, it is likely that Rocksteady Studios will make some form of an announcement later this year or early 2019. 

What do you think this upcoming title may be? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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