BATTALION 1944 Shows Promise For Reviving World War 2 Shooter Genre

Going back to a classic like Medal of Honor: Frontline can be a reminder of how much story and intense action this genre can yield up for awesome gaming experiences. What hasn’t aged so well, though, are some of the physics and gameplay mechanics of what was cutting edge tech in the early 2000s.

Bulkhead Interactive is aiming to bring back that classic gameplay in Battalion 1944 with the treatment of modern technology. The Kickstarter pitch in this YouTube video features an inside look at the development of the project including location shots, motion capture, sound design, and everything involved with bringing a new World War 2 FPS to life. This team seems to remember what made this such a powerful genre to begin with, and I agree with them when they say it’s the right time.

The project’s goal of £100,00 has been surpassed, and they still have, as of this writeup, 27 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign. That basically means that the speed of funding proves the world would definitely like a new WW2 shooter, and having almost a month still left for the campaign gives them a chance to make it even bigger and better than the development team had originally envisioned.

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