BATTLEFIELD 1 Campaign Playthrough

BATTLEFIELD is known as one of the best online team-based shooters. In recent years, Battlefield's campaign mode has been a bit controversial. Hardline's campaign was created by Visceral Games, the team who created the Dead Space Series. They had created the campaign, as to imitate a TV show. Each chapter was an "episode", and they used "Last time on Hardline" when I would pick up where I left off.

Gamers are a very hard to please, group of individuals. Many gamers were not a fan of this kind of campaign, and others wanted more games like it. Hence the controversy. Battlefield 1, in my opinion, is a refreshing first-person shooter campaign. They have based the chapters on actual events, and used the names of the people who were actually in WWI. That's right its WWI, not WWII.

There were some technical issues (stream didn't start till after the opening scene & game froze while loading), but I had a great time playing it. I have found that there were not many good quality playthroughs, so I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you'd like to see another game playthrough!

Part 1

Part 2

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