BATTLEFIELD 1 Enters Most Liked Trailer On Youtube, CALL OF DUTY: INIFINTE WARFARE Most Disliked

It appears the crowds have spoken. Even if it is a hive mind phenomena, there's no denying that a bulk of people are not fans of the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. According to Forbes, the trailer has amassed over 1.5 MILLION dislikes on Youtube making it the 8th most disliked trailer on Youtube. Many complaints stem from the move to further the game into a "Halo" setting, as well as a $70 pre-order price tag to obtain the Modern Warfare remaster packaged alongside it.

On the flip side, people are all about the new Battlefield 1 trailer, which has over 1 million likes, and has entered the top 250 videos of all time, and surpassed most tv/movie/game trailers along the way.

I don't imagine either game ultimately suffering from the PR, but if gamers are serious about not liking the new Call of Duty...DON'T BUY IT. Seriously the game is done so the only way you can hurt the devs is by not throwing money and then continuing the s*** on the game as you play it.