BATTLEFIELD 1 Servers Down For 10+ Hours, Glitchy Games On First Day Of Open Beta

The first day of Battlefield 1's open beta was a disaster. IGN reports that after a DDOS took down EA Origin, everyone was unable to access the game for at least 10 hours yesterday. I myself was unable to get into the game but then found myself able to get in around 4 pm EST time to a very glitched experience. 

As you'll see in the video below, my PC experience was less than ideal. Most everyone in the match spawned without guns, and the only way to receive one was to get in a vehicle. This led to many confused people in the game chat, whoever was in the plane just annihilating everyone, and me just riding a horse around for a lack of anything better to do...

That was the one match I got to play for the day as I was unable to reach the servers again on my PC for the remainder of the evening. Obviously, there were some issues between moving this thing from early access to the beta, and they need to be worked out. Hopefully, EA plans to expand the beta so we can get a grasp of what the working version of the game looks like.