BATTLEFIELD 1's FairFight System Is Being Unfair

EA Games has an algorithm-based analysis system implemented in to the Battlefield series that is used to ensure players are not cheating called FairFight. It does this by judging a player's skill through their kill streaks, shot distance, and other aspects, while comparing them to the global statistics across the game.

It turns out that lately there has been a bug in the system of the FairFight for Battlefield 1. Players with high skill levels are being banned under the premise of being cheaters.

It was reported by Kotaku (article below) that kL-Spazmo, a Battlefield player with over 2,800 hours logged throughout the series, is one of the players with legitimate skill who has been victimized by the Un-FairFight system.

Because the FairFight system doesn't have anybody manually checking out any of the game footage, the only screening process it goes through is machine operated. This is the biggest factor that would relate to cause this issue. Without somebody checking and it purely basing off of systematic, statistical probability, then you will find that the skilled players, such as Snipers with 50-0 scores and Bombers with 200-5 scores, will be marked as cheaters when in fact they are just very well accustomed to their weapon style.

Hopefully this is something that EA Games will be able to turn their attention to and fix it before it gets out of hand. It's always upsetting to get kicked from a game, let alone getting banned. Especially when the reason is that you are too good!

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