BATTLEFIELD V Dev Explains That 'Female Playable Characters Are Here To Stay'

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Soon after the reveal of Battlefield V by EA DICE, a small handful of fans voiced out their concerns regarding the game trying too hard to impress modern audiences by including playable female characters in the game. Now, the general manager at DICE, Oskar Gabrielson, spoke out and gave those fans a piece of his mind. 

“Let me be clear about one thing,” Gabrielson said on a tweet. “Player choice and female playable characters are here to stay.”

In Battlefield V, players are given the option to create numerous customizable avatars, which will form part of the Company of soldiers players collect over time. Several cosmetic options are available including the ability to choose a gender and ethnicity in the game. These new changes raised a few eyebrows in Reddit and other social media platforms where some players questioned EA DICE’s disregard of “historical accuracy” with the inclusion of female soldiers in the game. However, it is worth noting that several historical evidence showed that women did take part in combat operations and espionage missions during World War II. You can check out this article by Mental Floss, where they documented 8 women who fought during the war. 

“We want Battlefield V to represent all those who were a part of the greatest drama in human history,” Gabrielson said in a comment thread on Twitter. “And give players choice to choose and customize the characters they play with. Our commitment as a studio is to do everything we can to create games that are inclusive and diverse. We always set out to push boundaries and deliver unexpected experiences. But above all, our games must be fun!”

Battlefield V is scheduled to launch for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on October 11. You can check out the pre-order details for the game including early-access here

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