BattlEye Bans Over 1 Million PUBG Players in January


Anyone who has spent time in the currently popular game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG for short has had a few instances where they wanted to throw their keyboards or game controllers at their screens because they think there was someone cheating. It turns out, there was a good chance they were right. According the the BattleEye twitter they have banned over 1 million players from the game in just the month of January.

This isn't new news however. In October they banned over 500k players, and by December of last year that number had climbed to over 1,500,000 bans.  It's clear that players really want that chicken dinner and they are willing to do pretty much anything to get it, but as the game grows and slowly becomes a budding esport you can guarantee this will not be the last of the bans that we see. 

BattlEye which was founded in 2004 is a 3rd party anti-cheat software company that first got it's start with Battlefield Vietnam and was slowly ported to many different games over the course of the last decade. Most recently they have helped PUBG stave off an incredible amount of cheaters in the game. 

Will BattleEye and PUBG ever get a hold of the cheating playerbase? Or will the game become known as a game with low standards and players consistently cheating. Would love to know your thoughts below.