Beat Games Dropped A Treat For BEAT SABER On April Fools Day


April first tends to be full of tricks, lies, and pure nonsense from all places around the world and internet. From fake game announcements, the countless VR renditions of some of our favorite titles, and just typical foolery that tricks people into believing one thing or another, the tricks are all around us as Spring begins.

One team that decided to drop a treat instead of a trick for this April fools day, but maybe not exactly a trick-less treat. Beat Games has dropped a free song for both the PC and PSVR versions of Beat Saber! The song they added can be found in the “Extras” playlist and is called “Crab Rave.”

The reason I say it may not be a trick-less treat is because you will quickly realize the song for what it is: a meme. This is the song you hear played on the quick video featuring the hundreds of crabs dancing on the beach. Of course, this wasn’t a meme to start with as the song was an official release from Monstercat back on 2018’s April fools day.

I do look forward to playing Crab Rave and believe that any new song added to the limited PSVR song list is always a bonus. It is a fun song to listen to and is sure to be a fun song to play in the light saber crazed title, Beat Saber. If you don’t know the song already, enjoy the music video of the official Crab Rave song from Monstercat below.