Beautiful First Look at SEA OF SOLITUDE

Former Rev3 Games and PlayStation employee, Anthony Carboni sat down with the creative director of the very hauntingly charming upcoming indie darling, Cornelia Geppert. She released a few animated GIFs of her upcoming title, Sea of Solitude, and certain corners of the internet went a little bananas over it! We had good reason to do so as well. The game looks to mix the spirits of Shadow of the Colossus with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. In Carboni's interview Geppert discusses her vision of the game.

It's about a young woman named Kay, who suffers from such loneliness that her inner feelings of darkness turn to the outside and turns her into a monster. The story is about finding out what happened to her, and how to turn her back into a human being.

The game will take place in a flooded city sparsely inhabited by Kay's fellow monsters. She must travel through this world, helping these monsters find their lost humanity in order to find her own. The message of the game is very intriguing, and I really want to delve into it further. But one of the biggest selling points is the art style of the game. It's subtle pastel, somewhat comic book design stems from Geppert's background in comic art.

I am really into manga and Japanese art. I fell in love with Ghibli. I also love all the Japanese games, like Silent Hill and all those creepy games. All this mixes, because we have this happy scenery and sunny weather but we also have creepy parts. It will be like a mixture between Ghibli and Silent Hill.

The interview has a lot of really great early gameplay footage, which I highly recommend giving a watch! There isn't much news on when we will get this game in our hands, as it is still pretty early in development. But this is one to keep very firmly planted on your radar, as it is shaping up to be one of the next big indie titles on the horizon!

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