Become A Superhero In UNDEFEATED!

In a surprising turn-up and seemingly out of nowhere launch, a small indie development team have put together a superhero-simulator game that has players going crazy over. This still-learning team of three published UNDEFEATED on Steam through Vantan Game Academy and the best part is that it is completely free-to-play!

If you are curious about this school, it is a prestige school in Japan that focuses on the game industry. Many professionals come out of that school every year in not only the game industry, but also anime, manga, voice acting and more.

As for UNDEFEATED itself, the game is a dream come true for anybody who has dreamed of being a superhero. Taking away any iconic tie-downs that keep any comic book superhero game to fit a specific curriculum to stay true to the series, this game lets you simply be the hero! Fly over the city to patrol the streets and look out for crimes or troubles. Your only goal is to use your unlimited powers to keep the city safe.

You will find that there are both Boss Battles and Challenge Quests for you to complete as well, but thats for when you get tired of doing literally anything you want. Check out this trailer for the game and then head over to Steam to play this free game right now!