BEEP: A HISTORY OF VIDEO GAME SOUND — Interview with Director Karen Collins

When Beep was launched on Kickstarter, it was quickly selected as a Staff Pick, and received over $60,000 in its month and a half crowdfunding campaign. 

The film features the audio talents of games such as Halo, Destiny, BioShock, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong, Little Big Planet, the list goes on and on. What had started as a project to cover some of the history of games audio evolved into showcasing modern approaches to how this music is created for such a rapidly evolving medium.

Harnessing the powers of Twitter, and trying not to come across as a complete dork, I managed to earn some time out of Karen Collins’ crazy post production schedule for a talk about everything that has gone into this amazing project. 

We discuss the challenges of making all of this happen, a few days in Japan that flew by before any sightseeing could possibly commence, and how it was to see such an enthusiastic response on Kickstarter. 

It wouldn’t be my kind of show if I didn’t ask Karen about her previous years before her career and path into such enormous amounts of extensive research, so we also discuss how she was really into German industrial music at the early age of 12. I’m pretty sure I had no idea that kind of thing even existed until I was a senior in high school.

Hit the play button below to find out why Beep is already sold out at its screening at GDC, and what has driven Karen to put so much of her life into game audio.

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