Bethesda Accepting Beta Testers To Play FALLOUT 4 DLC

Yesterday we announced Fallout 4 would be rolling out new DLC in the next three months that will greatly expand the amount of fun you can have in the Wasteland. Today, Bethesda announces that you can be among the first to play it provided you sign up as a Beta tester!

Currently they are offering people the opportunity to try out "Automatron" which involves fighting, creating, and modding robots. The application process can be started by creating a Bethesda account, and then going to your account management and pressing the Fallout 4 DLC Beta tab on the side. Here's a picture of what you should see if you go to the settings...

Once you click on it you'll be asked a few questions. They want to know if you own the game, what your character level is, if you own a season pass, what system you play on...all that good stuff! Hoping I get selected! You can try and get in on it too by creating an account and following this link.