Bethesda Doesn't Know Which Version Of SKYRIM Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Bethesda knows they're bringing Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch, what they don't know is which one. Creative Director Todd Howard tells Polygon he "can't say" whether or not the company will be releasing the 2016 Skyrim remaster, the 2011 original game, or perhaps some variation of the two. 

I would have to imagine if they're going to port the original, you'd at least do the game of the year edition that comes with all the DLC. I'm also unsure if Bethesda isn't saying because they don't want to reveal which version yet, or because they haven't begun developing the game yet. There's a lot of mystery to this one. Hopefully, that doesn't mean it's up in the air whether or not the game is actually coming to the console. I want my Skyrim mobile!

Source: Polygon