Ever get tired of the same, tame, good guy adventure while shooting the bad guys? Well, you’re in luck! Big Drunk Satanic Massacre is coming to PS4 and PC with all the madness, gore and sin that you’d imagine with a title like that. You play as Satan’s son and are tasked to save hell from and infestation. Big Drunk Satanic Massacre by Big Way Games looks to be a total madhouse of entertaining fun and crazy action. Being the son of the devil, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with the blood of your enemies as you save you homeland.

However, saving your home of Hell won’t be an adventure of roses and candy, it will be filled with blood, guts, guns, fire, explosions and alcohol. To regenerate health, one must consume alcohol, hence the work “drunk” in the name of the game. This game isn't just a small like shooter romp, there will be some RPG elements to help build your character to be the most fun for yourself. Lou, the protagonist, will be on a raging killing fest to save hell and his captured mistress. This game will be released on October 19th. The game looks to be a lot of fun, let us know what you think of the game and why you’re excited for it!