Bionik's Bluetooth Audio Adapter For The Nintendo Switch Is Available Today

Accessory maker Bionik has its newest product available starting today in the form of the BT Audio Sync. This add-on device connects to the bottom of your Nintendo Switch and allows you to pair your Bluetooth equipped headphones to the hybrid console. A convenient pass-through port on the bottom of the BT Audio Sync even allows you to charge the Switch while the adapter is in use. For users who would prefer to use the Switch in docked mode with the benefits of Bluetooth audio, the adapter can also be hooked up to one of the side USB ports.

The BT Audio Sync draws power directly from the Switch, or dock, so no outside power requirements are necessary. The Bluetooth range of the device is good for up to 32’ so whether you are using handheld or docked mode you should be good for a fair bit of moving around without losing signal. Each BT Audio Sync will allow for 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones to be used on a single console for local multiplayer action! The BT Audio Sync is available now for $39.99 and keep an eye out here for our full review coming soon!