BIOSHOCK Composer Garry Schyman Working on Visually Stunning VR Sci Fi IOMOON

VR! We are going to be hearing a lot about it, and for good reason. It might revolutionize gaming as we know it, putting us straight into the world of tomorrow. Sort of like the tech from The Lawnmower Man, just without all the, you know, circus-grade lunacy.

Many VR visual treats and gaming concepts have been offered, but this one stands out among the best of them. Those who enjoyed the mastery of BioShock’s composer Garry Schyman will be pleased to find out that a new VR sci-fi exploration adventure is headed their way, complete with his music to tie in the immersion. For a sample of his ability to mix classic elements to modern, giving a masterful new sound that hints towards all the mystery of exploring unknown worlds, click over to Headtrip Games’ official website for iOMoon.

According to Will Mason of, the game puts you in the role of an exobiologist who is assigned to scan the terrain of Jupiter’s moon iO. Little detail is known about how this plays out, but apparently your brain has been removed and placed into a probe for the purposes of next level science, establishing that this game takes place in a futuristic and advanced point in human evolution that is definitely not happening next week. The idea of this system is to put you in complete directional and visual control of this probe as you navigate this strange and unexplored landscape, giving you complete freedom to wander the vast expanse of iO with effective use of VR gameplay mechanics.  

As more details are released, we’ll be on top of them, but for now these screenshots are available for sci-fi fans to drool over.

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