BIOSHOCK REMASTERED Offers Limited Options For Graphics On PC

Surprise! The Bioshock Remastered Collection is flawed on PC. It almost seems like a given at this point that PC ports and remasters will come with some glitches, and luckily this one isn't as bad as others we've seen. RPS reports Bioshock 1 has a gross lack of graphical options in its user menu. What's weird is the graphical options even seem to be a downgrade from what the original PC version had to offer not allowing players to do much beyond V-Sync and Resolution. There isn't even an option for surround sound!

A much bigger issue that many are experiencing is the muckiness of the mouse control. I would imagine mouse smoothing is crucial in a game as difficult as the Bioshock series and that will likely need to be fixed ASAP. 

If there is some good news to take out of this, it's if you already own Bioshock you got your remastered update for free! Just make sure you know what you're getting into before you download!