Bioware Is Not Releasing MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA On Nintendo Switch

EA has hinted one of it's larger franchises would be heading to the Nintendo Switch...and it's now clear that Mass Effect: Andromeda is not one of them. IGN Canada spoke with producer on the game Michael Gamble who said the following...

"We're not planning on it...if the Switch launches and everyone is just yammering for Mass Effect, who knows...we never want to close doors like that. 

Judging from the poor sales of Mass Effect 3 when it was on the Wii-U, I can imagine not that many fans will be chanting for the game. 

So now the big question remains: what major franchise is EA bringing to Nintendo that they haven't in the past? Now that Andromeda is out of the mix...I would say the only realistic choices are Star Wars: Battlefront or Battlefield. Which seems more likely to you? Which one would you want more?