BLACKWOOD CROSSING is a Beautifully Haunting Tale Sadly Locked at 30 FPS

A Flawed Gem

I'm usually... sometimes.. quite tolerant of a few flaws in an otherwise brilliant gem but several weeks after release, BLACKWOOD CROSSING is still locked at 30 FPS. While an otherwise beautiful and haunting tale, the laginess felt of a Borderless Window mode that cannot be changed and 30 FPS locked display mode is not only frustrating but completely inexcusable for a modern PC release.

What's really sad is that a fantastic game dragged down by technical limitations with no word from the developers (The Steam forums are a ghost town) yet dozens of buyers or potential buyers are talking about the FPS cap and lack of more aspect ratios. Sadly, 30 FPS even at 4K on my large screen give me a headache after playing for more than a few minutes. Hopefully we'll have the chance to the feature the game once the nagging issues are resolved...