Gaming in 4K — BLADE & SOUL is Starting to Grow on Me

A Second Chance

As someone who's been into gaming for the vast majority of life on this rock, I truly do love gaming, technology, the ups and downs, the beautiful vistas and even the warts that sometimes rear their ugly heads as dozens of games are piled upon each week now and even more so, F2P MMORPGs. My first first weeks spent with the unique martial arts-esque BLADE & SOUL left me a little cold but as I picked it up and dove further in, I found slowly it's... it's starting to grow on me! First off, poor performance left me frustrated and I finally found the trick: If you hit ALT-ENTER enough times, until your screen flashes and you will eventually go into true Exclusive Full Screen Mode instead of Borderless Windowed Mode that the game refers to as full screen. Performance problems fixed, 4K @ 60 FPS, BAM!

A Sight to Behold

After several patches and even more so, a stunning amount of content and fixes, the combat, and gameplay overall just feel much smooth. Also, with all lighting and graphics, maxed, I mean, just look at that video and screenies! Yes, the voice acting still ranges from passable to absolutely horrid (Why do my Asian characters sound like valley girls and preschool boys?!) but overall, the game is really starting to be a lot of fun. Truly, in an industry where games are constantly being released too early and updated often, it's difficult to stay on top of it all but I'm glad I jumped back in when I did for BLADE & SOUL. It's too late to try, also, it's free to dive in so, give it a whirl and let us know what you think.