BLEEDING EDGE: Ninja Theory Cuts With Chaos


Well this is one of those things I never knew I wanted to play. Ninja Theory has created something that I never expected, a 4v4 melee centered arena game. Let’s talk about Ninja Theory for a minute, they are primarily known for intense first person stories, adventures and quite the learning curve for certain titles. However, no one expected Blizzard to make a world class team shooter game, or Insomniac to make the recent Spider-Man game, and those are phenomenal titles. So why couldn’t Ninja Theory make some over the top action team brawler? They are really good at melee based games anyways, why not add a couple more people?

Bleeding Edge is beautiful too. This game looks stunning. The graphics and textures or smooth rendering are not what stands out, but this neon, punk, future cyborg orgy style is incredible to see. Each character seems just as fun to play as they are to look at. I am very excited to see this game come out. There is no release window as of yet, but we’ll keep you notified. This is also an Xbox One exclusive as of now. But for now, enjoy the colors and we’ll just have to wait patiently.