Blizzard Wins Lawsuit and Finally Cheaters Must Pay Whats Due

Blizzard has recently won a lawsuit against the German company, Bossland, over their creation of cheating tools. Bossland created hacks for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm, like "Watchover Tyrant," "Honorbuddy," and "Demonbuddy." The lawsuit totaled at $8.7 million in damages from the lawsuit that was held in a California court.

After I read this, my first and main thought was simply, "Good!" It's great to see cheaters having to pay for creating such repulsive hacks! It doesn't even matter what all their hacks provided to the players, they were a leg up against legitimate players and ruins the integrity of a game. 

Some people would argue that lag or low funds is the worst enemy against gamers, but there is nothing worse than owning a game, getting really good at it by spending time and practicing the mechanics, building up personal skill on the game and some idiot who bought a hack comes in and overpowers everything going on. There is nothing fun about playing a game with a hacker, and that is a statement I think everybody would agree with.

I hope that this case ends up setting an example against companies that want to make hacks and mods for games that don't belong on the game. Or at least on their own server so it doesn't affect the REAL gamers. If you are a hacker or cheater, I would like to take this moment to politely tell you to grow up, get good, or get off! It takes a real piece of trash to think that playing a game with hacks is more fun or better than just playing the game how it was intended to be played.

Sorry you suck, but how bout you just work on your skill instead of cheating? Thanks.

Source: Dot Esports