Bob And Master Raven Revealed For TEKKEN 7: FATED RETRIBUTION

From what I played at E3, Tekken 7 seems pretty solid. I'm still not sold on it's new mechanic from a competitive standpoint (you can read my E3 impression here), but other than that it seems like the updated same Tekken we know and love.

Today we get two reveal trailers of one returning and one new-ish character. First, we have everyone's favorite fat fighting American Bob...

And then we have Master Raven...

This is a departure from the normal Raven, who typically isn't so futuristic or a woman.

Perhaps this new look is to keep any lawyers from drawing any comparisons from Raven to Marvel's Blade, but who knows? Maybe they just decided they needed more female fighters.

The game is supposed to hit Japanese arcades this month, but no console release date has been scheduled yet.