BOOK OF DEMONS is like Diablo and Paper Mario Had a Baby

Diablo Thirst

I’m thirsty. No, not for for THAT but for more Diablo. It’s sad that Blizzard has been so tight lipped even after the PR disaster that was the Diablo Immortal announcement. Well, no fear, because the folks at Thing Trunk have come up with something to tide us over. Imagine Diablo and Paper Mario had a baby. Yep, that’s Book of Demons and boy is it delicious! Complete with a Deckard Cain like character in town, you delve deeper and deeper into the catacombs beneath the church (sound familiar) to bash baddies, collect loot and in this case, cards!

With the Flexiscope settings, you can adjust your dungeon sizes by time you have to play. Brilliant!

Card Junkie

I love collecting things in game especially with a sweet payoff. In Book of Demons you collect cards that unlock skills like fireballs for mages or shield bash for warrior. It’s so simple but so addicting as you have a limited amount of skill spots, and you have to manage them carefully. Also, being able to set your dungeon size as shown in the screen above is also simple but oh so unique.

Easy to pick up, difficult to master and you WILL die, Book of Demons is a sweet surprise and one you should pick up ASAP. It just exited Early Access on Steam and is at a very fair price. Check it out!