BORDERLANDS 3 Is More Than A Sequel

The Borderlands series has been a smash hit for a long time, and players still blast through the second game to this day, even though it came out seven years ago. Gearbox Software has perfected the loot and shoot action game, and it's a recipe for success. So it would be easy to envision a company following up with the next entry to the franchise by just cloning everything that worked and re-packaging it. That's clearly not what's happened.

The developer in the video details the immense amount of work that went into perfecting the newest game. A favorite detail of fans is the existence of over a billion guns in Borderlands 3. While that's literally true, the dev takes the time to explain the complex re-tooling of the guns that the company underwent. There is fastidious attention to every element of the fighting, all while retaining that trademark humor and play that defines the Borderlands series.

Also, the newest cast of characters is not a carbon copy of the old squad. The abilities, configurations, and playstyles differ from what came before. Gearbox has a good thing going with Borderlands, but they're always learning, and that experience has helped to shape what appears to be a strong forthcoming release. And it makes it more and more likely that players will be diving deep into the world for hours before coming back up for air.