BOYFRIEND DUNGEON Mixes Dungeon Crawlers And Dating Sims In A Hilarious Way


Dungeon crawlers have been a staple in video games since the dawn of gaming. A lot of developers have tried and tested different techniques and formulas to make their games stand out above the rest. However, never have I imagined in my wildest dreams that a game can let you fight your way through hordes of monsters and go out in a date with your weapon afterwards. 

Arriving to the PC in 2019 and developed by Kitfox Games, Boyfriend Dungeon is not just any other dungeon crawlers in the market, it’s not even just any other dating sim out there, because it mixes slaying enemies and dating, well—weapons in one game. It’s a hilarious and strange concept, but nevertheless intriguing in so many levels!

You play as a tiny warrior powering through dungeons and slaying monsters. You find weapons scattered around the area and once rescued, will turn into well, single hotties. The character cards of your weapons show extremely attractive people who will represent your weapon once you rescue them. The trailer showed at least four prospective weapons/dates but it also hinted to more hotties to choose from. 

Aside from the dating aspect of the game, players can also expect to go through dungeons with varied difficulty and combat system, depending on what weapon um, or in the case of this game, lover you equip. Its definitely a strange yet smart mashup of genres and with dating games being as successful as ever, Boyfriend Dungeon will surely attract an audience even if having a sword as a boyfriend sounds hilarious to most. 


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