BRAVELY SECOND: END LAYER for Nintendo 3DS Has a Whopping 7 Hour Playable Demo

If ever you had a craving for a new Square Enix RPG, this Bravely Second: End Layer demo will have you covered for quite a while before the full version releases this upcoming April. When you download it from the Nintendo eShop, you also get 10% off the price for the full game.

Below is a one hour video uploaded by NintenDaan who chopped it up to show you a fraction of what’s in the demo. I’m honestly really liking the classic Japanese RPG quality to it in the storytelling, and above all, that wonderful orchestral score playing in the background. Somehow it brings me to the good ol' days with my PS2, playing Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. The melodies of the piano work and sophisticated orchestral score reminds me why of what I love the most about this style of RPG.

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