Brazil Has Officially Approved A Religion For OVERWATCH

Brazil has officially signed off on paperwork that institutes Overwatch as a religion in their country. The "National Church Of Hanzo," as it's referred to in translation is a church in which Brazilians can join and now apparently legally ask off of work on Tuesdays for religious reasons (provided they play Overwatch). See the official paperwork and continue on below.  

To join the church you must play at least one game of Overwatch OR if you don't have the money for a copy of the game, you can play Paladins instead. The religion has few rules, although uttering the words "Hanzo main," is grounds for excommunication. That rule seems weird considering the church is named after the polarizing character, but his name is only used to emphasize how even one of the game's most hated character's can have a religion in Brazil. 

The fan who created this religion did so partly for the laughs, but also to shed light on a problem in the Brazilian government. The requirements to start a religion are incredibly low and all you need is an address, five witnesses, a lawyer’s signature, a written statute, and to pay some fees and you can now live tax-free from the government. This process has been repeated by many individuals in the country to avoid paying taxes, and hopefully, with enough people asking off work every week to play Overwatch, it'll wake the government up to the abuse the ease of creation has spurred. 

Source: VG247