BREACH First Impression: Remastering The Classic RPG Style

With early access set to launch this week for QC Games RPG title Breach, they have released a final technical alpha for players to provide some feedback before going public. While this version didn’t offer any of the multiplayer options, aside from the initial lobby where you could chat and hang out with fellow players, there was still a lot to learn about the games mechanics, shops, and overall goal.

Lucky enough to be a part of this alpha, I managed to get in a few rounds and test out a few of the different classes offered in the game. Even with the limited version I was given, this game is nothing short of impressive.


Starting out the game you get to choose between six different starting classes. Once you have chosen a class, the game will let you customize your character to look however you wish. There were some limitations in the Alpha, but it is pretty obvious that you will be able to make your character look extremely unique in the long road.

After you do this, you will be taken through a short training session that shows you the controls, how to follow objectives, your different skills, and combat. Just like most RPG’s, your main attack simply requires you holding down the left click on the mouse while your main abilities, be it super attacks or healing, are done with the numbers closest to AWSD; 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The combat lets you move around while attacking and even includes a nice dodging feature, which is incredibly useful. Not all classes are made equally however. I started with the Arcane Mage and their attacks are best done standing still as the regular attack ends with a fury auto-combo, but when I switched to the Sniper, the attacks were the same moving or standing still. The classes are certainly set up to fit each play style and so you will need to find which one works best for you.

The enemies range in how much damage they can take and/or deal, along with size and speed. Breach certainly doesn’t hold back on their hordes though, as any and all of their different enemies will come out at any time. Not to mention that each mission ends with a boss that you and your small party will have to take out while fighting off a horde.

The missions themselves can be done either solo, which gives you an AI party with customizable classes, or as a group. Again, there wasn’t multiplayer in the technical alpha, but if the multiplayer version is set up how the solo version is then the party size going into these missions will be four. Working together is key to winning each objective as you aren’t simply going from objective to objective, but rather fighting against the Demon Veil as they try to beat you in these objectives. There is even a score at the top that keeps count of how many objectives both sides have completed throughout the entire mission.

The experience you earn in these missions are awarded to the class you are currently using and not just you as the player. Each class earns their own unique outfits the higher up your level goes as well. So be sure not to just stick to one class the whole time and learn to master a few different ones to be an all around warrior!

Last thing to mention is the shops in the game. While there are a few things that will require the currency that you can only get with purchased coins, the in-game currency that you earn as you continue to do missions and rank up will unlock all of the essential stuff. Every locked class was valued with both in-game and real life currency, as were majority of the outfits. The only stuff that you can’t unlock for free seemed to be things like certain costumes, spray paint tags, and emotes.

What To Expect In The Final Version

Another locked feature that I am looking forward to was the Demon Veil itself. There were a few classes on the bottom of the selection menu and even a game mode that represented the fact that you will be able to play as this role. I’m interested to seeing how that will play out.

There wasn’t a whole lot of loot varieties in the game, but this is sure to change. As they continue to develop the game, I can see each class getting a wider variation of each weapon in the game. While there were over twenty classes that each had their own weapon, already offering a variety to players, I can see better versions of each weapon to be added to the game for players to change as they wish.

Empty slots under a section called “Gems” means that is where they will be giving us stat boost items. At the end of each missions I was awarded Red, Iridescent, and Blue shards, but a shard is a slice of a gem. This means that we will be able to collect and put together these shards at some point to make power up gems of some kind. We may even start finding whole gems to use on our players.


As I was playing Breach, I felt that I was playing a modernized version of the classic Diablo games. Completing missions, killing demons, and fighting my way to a difficult boss that needs to be destroyed. It truly felt like they have remastered the classic style of RPG’s and I can’t wait for the final version. This is a must-have game that will be completely free upon launch, but is surely worth purchasing during its paid early access phase.