BREACH Launches Their Early Access Version On Steam

After releasing the game to a select amount of players for their technical alpha’s, QC Games has finally released Breach on Steam in its paid early access state. With the game planned to launch as a free-to-play title, the only reason it would be paid is to help fund the games development. This is the same concept that Fortnite originally took before they started to all-but-solely focus on their Battle Royale mode.

While there is still plenty that needs to be added to the game and there is going to be plenty of updates to move Breach forward, it is sure to be a fun experience. When I played the technical alpha alone I found the game a lot of fun to play, and I wasn’t even able to party up with other players despite the fact that we were all in the same lobby together. Forming a proper fighting team with a few friends, or possibly random players, to take down the big final boss of each area and rising to the highest difficulty will be the challenge presented with the beginning stages of this game. Check out the launch trailer:

Even with its first public version there is over twenty different fighting classes, multiple outfits for all characters, a few maps, a few bosses, a secondary type of game style to try out, and even more for players to venture through. And, as I mentioned in my first impression, everything in the game can be purchased with in-game currency that can be earned by simply playing the game, aside from a handful of items.

Any fan of the classic RPG style games that are simply “do this objective, fight the horde, defeat the boss,” will enjoy Breach. The fight won’t be easy and the challenges will just keep coming, as long as you are willing to dive back into the chaos. Do you have what it takes to handle being in the intense battle?