BREACH Shows Off New Character Class Shortly Before Early Access Begins


It wasn’t but a couple weeks ago when QC Games showed off the over-sized scythe wielding Necromancer class for their upcoming RPG title Breach, and now we get to see another one in action! Showing off the Elementalist class, you can see that his list of skills will let players draw from the powers of Earth in order to vanquish his foes.

The list of skills shown off in the video alone make it seem that battle will be almost too easy to win with him, but lets not let our guards down yet. Check out the Elementalist class in action:

The list of moves and execution of attacks remind me a bit of my favorite Diablo II class, the Druid. Short of taming or summoning animals, there is a similar move type to my old powerhouse which makes the Elementalist an easy first choice for me when I try out the Early Access for Breach.

If you want to sign up for the Early Access and play for free yourself, simply visit the Breach website and sign up to take part in this epic looking RPG. The wait won’t be long for those looking to try this game as it is set to launch the Early Access this month on Steam. Out of the classes shown so far, who are you looking forward to playing as most?