Brigitte is the New Hero in OVERWATCH and Will be Available Tomorrow

Developer Blizzard Entertainment revealed the date for the release of Overwatch's new heroine, Brigitte Lindholm, who will be available on the game’s servers tomorrow, March 20.

Joining as the game's 27th character, Brigitte is equipped with a Rocket Flail that she uses to flatten her foes and carries a Barrier Shield, which lets her protect any teammates behind her.  Brigitte can aid any members of her team by tossing Repair Packs to them for a quick heal. Lastly, her passive ability called Inspire allows her to heal nearby allies whenever she strikes a hit on enemies.  

Check out the character description of Brigitte from the official blog of Overwatch:

“The youngest of Torbjörn’s daughters, Brigitte is an adventurer travels with her godfather-Reinhardt Wilhelm-to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Previously, she aided Reinhardt by repairing his armor, but as time has passed, Brigitte has realized that there is some damage that her hammer cannot fix. Her desire to help stronger than ever, Reinhardt is training her to fight while she built her won armor in secret. Now she fights alongside him on the front line, where she can make an even bigger difference.”

Brigitte will be the latest character to be added on Overwatch and will be available to all players across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 20. 

Are you excited for Brigitte to join Overwatch? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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