Buckets of Blood and One Char-Broiled Zombie in THE WALKING DEAD: MICHONNE Preview

It’s always fun to watch Michonne go full-blown Fruit Ninja on scores of mindless zombies, and even more engaging to get into her psyche by learning about her tortured past. In the TV show, showing her history was easily one of my favorite segments because of the sheer creepiness they showed in the psychological sense.

Telltale Games is doing what they’ve done best. They're giving us more of the story than what’s already out, and Michonne has a hell of a lot to tell. When you walk around in the zombie apocalypse nonchalantly with a pair of armless walkers in tow, that's expected to be the case. Voiced by Samira Wiley of Orange is The New Black, this will give their take on The Walking Dead a brand new angle and may even present more involving control mechanics with the swordplay component.

The 3-episode series will begin with In Too Deep on February 23rd, Give No Shelter in March, and What We Deserve in April.

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