Bulbasaur finally makes it into the Pokémon Build-a-bear Collection


The Pokémon Build-a-Bear has steadily been growing. It started with Pikachu, and then we saw releases of Charmander, Squirtle, Meowth and recently Vulpix that we informed you about. You can now count Bulbasaur as part of the collection. This came after Vulpix was released, and several tweets hit the Twittersphere asking if everyone had forgotten about Bulbasaur.

You can now pick up a Bulbasaur Bundle for $55. This include the bear (obviously), the 6-in-1 Bulbasaur sound, hat and scarf accessory, and a Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pokémon TCG Card. Here as some images from the Bundle pack:

It is still so surprising that Bulbasaur has received such fame that fans begged for it to be brought to the Bulbasaur collection. Bulby began its career as a starter Pokemon, being featured in the first season as one of the main companions for Ash. Since then, Bulbasaur has flourished and became a popular name, breaking out in various merchandise such as toys, keys, chains, plush dolls and now a Build-a-bear item.

One of the best features was when Bulbasaur evolved into into Ivysaur and then later into Venusaur, and the bulb on its back blossomed into a large flower. It would have been a neat trick if any of the merchandise, such as the Build-a-Bear, had this feature, even if it meant simply opening up the bulb on its back to reveal a flower on the inside of the material.

In any event, we hope this brings some Pokémon fans some happiness, although I suspect they have now learnt that ranting over Twitter encourages Build-a-Bear to build new characters.

Which character would you like to see next? Have you gotten any of these Pokémon Build-a-Bears? If you have, feel free to share some pics of you with them on our Twitter or Facebook feeds. Or you can drop some links in the comments below.


Source: Polygon; Build-A-Bear

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