BULLETSTORM Explodes Onto the Switch

A maelstrom of bullet and bloods is now available in a handheld format. If you’ve wanted to destroy everything in your path while cheeky modifiers flashed on the screen and your one-liners flowed without end, then you’re in luck. Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition has crashed onto the Nintendo Switch and you can now revel in the gore and spent shells as all opposition turns to mist in front of you.

Even better than just Bulletstorm arriving on the console is the opportunity to play as Duke Nukem. The king of FPS is ready to assume control, and gamers can play as the action hero for the entire campaign. You can now combine the madness of Bulletstorm with the gun-toting braggadocio of the Duke. It’s the gift you never knew you wanted, wrapped up with a bloody bow and splattered with the viscera of the scattered dead that lie in your wake.

You’re a machine. Now go to war.

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