Bungie Lays Out First Month of DESTINY 2


Mark your calendars, (or check out the cool info graphic below,) Bungie has revealed a laundry list of the upcoming content that will be available in Destiny 2 as the first month progresses.  

Destiny 2 First Month Calendar.jpg

As if there wasn't enough stuff to do in the base game (there is, trust me,) Bungie will be launching their first Raid for Destiny 2, entitled Leviathan, on September 13th and Trials of the Nine, their extremely competitive end game PVP mode, on September 15th.  As you'll see from the calendar, we also have the schedule for the Nightfall Strike each week, when the Betas for their Guided Games mechanic will go into effect, and when you can expect to see a return of your favorite factions, New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and the Future War Cult.

Bungie also mentioned in their weekly update, a few of the issues they had with the launch of the game and what hot fixes/patches have been done to mitigate those issues.

Destiny 2 Guided Games.png

If you have started to play Destiny 2 and are looking for good folks to play with, be sure to join the official Destiny 2 group, GameTyrant Guardians.  Our aim is to create a great atmosphere for players of all types to come and find someone to enjoy the game with.  You can join the group here.  We also have Clans set up for PS4, Xbox One, and PC that you will also be able to find on Bungie's website.  Clans will be having a whole new impact on the game, including weekly challenges and rewards.

Have you picked up Destiny 2 yet?  And if so, are you going to be ready for the Raid or Trials of the Nine starting next week?

Source: Bungie

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